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Punjabi Shayari WhatsApp Group Link: Punjabi Shayari is an incredibly beautiful form of poetry that has been shared and appreciated by many. Its appeal lies in its ability to express emotions in a way that’s both heartfelt and captivating.

For those looking to stay connected with the world of Punjabi poetry, WhatsApp groups offer an easy way to access it.

This article will explore how these groups can be accessed and the kind of content they provide.

What is punjabi shayari?

Punjabi shayari is a form of South Asian poetry that uses a distinctive dialect of Punjabi that originated in northern India and is spoken throughout South Asia.

Punjabi poetry can be traced back hundreds of years. Punjabi shayari is often accompanied by music.

The Punjabi language is considered to be part of the greater Indo-Aryan language family, along with Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Urdu, Nepali and Sanskrit.

Punjabi shayari are often romantic in nature, but they can also be about family, friendship, nature, and many other topics.

Punjabi shayari are most often related to the Punjabi culture. They have a strong romantic flavor to them.

New Punjabi Shayari WhatsApp Group Link:

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  2. Jattwali Life – Join Group
  3. Yaar Belli – Join Group
  4. 50-50 Punjab News – Join Group
  5. Yaariyan Zindabad – Join Group
  6. Sher E Punjab – Join Group
  7. Jind Jaan – Join Group
  8. Punjabi Fashion – Join Group
  9. Att Shayari – Join Group
  10. Tera Yaar – Join Group
  11. Punjabi Groups – Join Group
  12. Yaariyaan – Join Group
  13. Learn Punjabi language – Join Group
  14. Punjabi movies – Join Group
  15. Sanjha Punjab zindabad – Join Group
  16. Punjabi Poetry – Join Group
  17. Jatt  Join Group
  18. WMk Zed Youtube – Join Group
  19. Sangeet group – Join Group
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What are the different blogs where punjabi shayari is posted?

There are many blogs where punjabi shayari is posted. The punjabi shayari blogs are WhatsApp groups like this thread.

How to add members to a punjabi shayari whatsapp group

1. Click on the group link in punjabi shayari whatsapp group

2. Click on Join button and wait for your join request to be accepted by the group owner.

Dazzling Punjabi Shayari WhatsApp Group Link:

  • MIAN DA GROUP – Link
  • Status.. Punjabi – Link
  • Punjab group – Link
  • Punjabi munda – Link
  • مریض عشق – Link
  • punjab zindabad – Link
  • Punjabi status – Link
  • Chodo magar pyar se – Link
  • Daily Punjabi – Link
  • Sidhu Moosewala – Link
  • Punjabi maa putt – Link
  • Gujjar Bawa – Link

How to post punjabi shayari to punjabi shayari WhatsApp group?

Whatsapp has been gaining popularity and usage among all age groups. It is a messaging app that allows you to send messages, photos, videos, etc, to other Whatsapp users. You can even make audio and video calls using Whatsapp.

Whatsapp works with the internet. When launched, Whatsapp used phone numbers to identify users. But recently, Whatsapp has added a new feature called Whatsapp Groups.

A WhatsApp group is just a collection of people linked together for a specific purpose. WhatsApp groups are not like normal WhatsApp contacts.

WhatsApp groups can be created with up to 250 people for one group. You can invite people to the group, or make users members of the WhatsApp group by clicking on their phone number and clicking “Add to group”.

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Whatsapp groups can be private or public. A public group can be joined by anyone while the private group can be made visible only to invited members.

Private groups are generally used for business purpose while public groups are used for random sharing.

How to add punjabi shayari from facebook to punjabi shayari WhatsApp group?

  • To post punjabi shayari from facebook to punjabi shayari whatsapp group, first we will open facebook.
  • Then we will click on “Status Update” that is located near “Friends”.
  • From there, we will type the punjabi shayari in punjabi / hindi language.
  • After that, we can click on the “Publish” button to publish the punjabi shayari to facebook.
  • After publishing the punjabi shayari to facebook, we will click on “Share” and then “Copy Link”.
  • Now, we can open whatsapp and tap on “status” to write the punjabi shayari.
  • Then we will click on the below button to copy the link.
  • After that, we will paste the punjabi shayari link in our whatsapp group.
  • Finally, we can click on the “Send” button to post the punjabi shayari to whatsapp.

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